"You've heard it said that when the student is ready for the teaching the perfect teacher arrives. I suggest that the teacher, coach, mentor, or guide you have been waiting for is the leadership of your own body. Ask it to move and direct you. Submit yourself to the ancient way of the shaking wisdom that inspires body, mind and soul. Join with the many traditions that have honored the importance of the shake. Shake yourself into the life you were born to live."

~Bradford Keeney, Author of 'Shaking Medicine:
the Healing Power of Ecstatic Movement'

Qi Dancing combines the ancient Chinese energy practice of Qigong with free-form Dance. This is both an ancient tradition of shaking, breathing, moving and a current experience of NOW, of our Qi expressing in our bodies through dance and movement.  And it’s FUN!!!

“Qi” is our vital life energy. And “Gong” means to cultivate. When we cultivate our Qi, allowing Its strong, healthy, Radiant and Vibrant flow, we experience Love and Joy profoundly coursing through our bodies and our consciousness. This Bright Vibrancy can change our physical health. It can transform our thoughts, words, feelings. And thus, it can profoundly change how we experience ourselves and our world. 

Qi Dancing is a simple practice and a way of Life.